JEC Project:
Mass Rapid Transport Authority of Thailand Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line Envrionmental Control and Tunnel Ventilation Systems

DeveloperMetropolitan Rapid Transit Authority
JEC ScopeSupply and installation of air-conditioning, tunnel ventilation and smoke extraction system for platform, concourse and entrance areas.
Project Completion Date2003

JEC Thailand supplied, installed, and commissioned the Environmental Control Systems, and tunnel ventilation system for three MRT stations on the Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line, the first underground rail system in Thailand. The Chaloem Ratchamongkol Line was opened on 3rd July, 2004 and has dramatically improved traffic circulation in Bangkok.

Environmental Control Systems

JEC installed Environmental Control Systems for the platforms, concourses and entrance areas. The installations included chiller plant, air handling units, ventilation fans, fan coil units, silencers, smoke exhaust fans, motorised fire and smoke dampers, and associated fire rated ductworks for the Bangsue station, Kampangpetch station, and Mochit station.

Tunnel Ventilation System

JEC installed the entire tunnel ventilation system which removes smoke if there is a fire. The system consists of reversible axial fans, silencers and a high integrity fire damper. The tunnel ventilation system can resist a maximum temperature of 250°C for an hour while people are evacuated.

Other Systems

A variety of systems were implemented to ensure an optimal station environment. A draught relief system controls train-induced air pressure during normal operation. When a train is running, the relief flow system channels air from the station through a damper as the natural relief system. A smoke control function also controls the movement of smoke and hot gases from a fire. The system will automatically switch on a fan and blow the air away from the accident area.

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