JEC Project:
ON Semiconductor Preventive Maintenance and Water Treatment, the Philippines

DeveloperON Semiconductor Corporation
JEC Scope(i) Preventive Maintenance for the HVAC System; (ii) Water Treatment for Cooling Tower; (iii) Supply and Installation of Centrifugal Chiller
Services Provided Since2005

Since 2005, JEC Philippines has provided technical support to ON Semiconductor Corporation (ON Semicon). ON Semicon is one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world.

Preventive Maintenance on Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) System
JEC provides dependable maintenance services for ON Semicon’s manufacturing facilities in Cavite which covers an area of 25,000 square meters. The HVAC system consists of:
• 2 units of 1000 TR Cooling Towers
• 2 units of 800 TR Condenser Chilled Water System

Water Treatment for Cooling Tower
JEC provides cooling tower water treatment for ON Semicon to improve the efficiency and cleanliness of their cooling towers. Corrosion, scale formation, water born deposition, and dispersed alien matter in the re-circulating water in cooling tower are common causes of poor cooling tower efficiency. JEC prevents these problems for ON Semicon by providing effective biocide control which inhibits the microbiological growth which causes localised corrosion.

Water analysis is conducted once a week to monitor the equipment’s condition. In addition, JEC carries out regular cleaning at the cooling tower basin and PVC fillers, and descales the condensers.

Technical staff are stationed on site for the operation of the entire water treatment programme. JEC provides 24 hour technical assistance for water treatment problems.

Supply and Installation of 800TR Centrifugal Chiller and R123 PLC Control
JEC supplied an 800TR Centrifugal Chiller system that serves as a backup and extension of the company’s existing chiller system.

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