JEC Project:
Universal Robina Corporation (URC) Building Automation System and Operations and Maintenance, the Philippines

DeveloperUniversal Robina Corporation
JEC ScopeBuilding Automation and Operations and Maintenance
Services Provided Since2002

JEC Philippines provides operations and maintenance for the Universal Robina Corporation (URC), one of the leading and largest food manufacturing companies in the Philippines.

Operations and Maintenance
JEC provides URC with support over five sites which cover an area of 77,000 square meters. JEC provides preventative maintenance for the following systems:
• Dust collection
• Water supply system
• Chilled water system
• HVAC, steam generating system
• Compressed air system
• Wastewater treatment system

Air-Conditioning Building Automation System (BAS)
At Cagayan De Oro, JEC installed an air-conditioning system equipped with an automation and control system. The system provides optimal operating schedules, such as start/stop schedules, that improve system efficiency. The system monitors indoor air temperature and takes into account system capabilities to ensure that equipment is turned on and off at appropriate times and to ensure the correct temperature is maintained with minimal energy consumption.

The system can also change various cooling set points that schedule operations depending on space temperature requirements. Last, the BAS can monitor early system failure.

Dependable Services
With the continued efforts in providing the best services to the client, JEC has established a good relationship with URC. JEC has successfully extended its services to URC from one site in 2002 to five sites in 2008.

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