JEC Project:
Alexandra House Air-Conditioning System Upgrade, Hong Kong

DeveloperHongkong Land
JEC ScopeAir-conditioning System Upgrade
LocationHong Kong
Services Provided Since2000

Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) upgraded the air-conditioning system for the Air Handling Unit (AHU) room and offices in Alexandra House, a Grade-A office building in the Central district of Hong Kong.

In the AHU room, JEC installed replacement air handling units, frequency inverters, and harmonic broadband filters including a Direct Digital Control (DDC) controller. In the office area, JEC replaced Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes with new fan powered boxes completed with DDC controller actuators and also installed new air ducts.

The fan powered VAV boxes used in this project helped to increase efficiency by making use of the indoor air and mixing it with the cooler air handler air. Furthermore, the DDC controlled system connects directly to the Building Management System (BMS) which provides the building with centralised control. The system makes individual VAV box failure easier to trace and provides information for energy management.

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