JEC Project:
Hong Kong International Airport Baggage Handling System Upgrade

DeveloperThe Airport Authority Hong Kong
JEC ScopeDesign, Installation, Product Sourcing for a new Direct Feed System and Transfer Screening Feed System, and an upgrade of the Sortation System
LocationHong Kong
Project Completion Date2011

Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) is enhancing, upgrading, and maintaining a state-of-the-art baggage handling system (BHS) for the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). The system caters for tens of thousands of passengers a day and is one of the most sophisticated and reliable baggage handling systems in the world.

Project Scope

JEC has four main projects for: 1) installing a new Direct Feed System; 2) installing the new Transfer Screening Feed System; 3) upgrading the Sortation System; 4) building a new level of steel platform for the conveyor system. JEC utilises its expertise in project management and technical competence to integrate various hardware and software. For example: mechanical conveyor installation, electrical motor control, emergency stop zoning, programmable logical controller (PLC), radio frequency identification (RFID) scanning, barcode scanning technology, Crisplant System Controller (CSC) and total replacement management information & control system (TRMICS), etc. The integration of these systems delivers a reliable baggage handling system to the Airport Authority. The new Direct Feed System was put into service in July 2010. All baggage from the airport and in-town check-in counters are now delivered and sorted by this Direct Feed System. Along with the completion of the Transfer Screening Feed System (targeted July 2011), all baggage from transfer flights will also be processed by JEC-installed conveyors.

The Challenges

The BHS handles more than 80,000 items of baggage a day. One of the major challenges in these projects was to keep interruption of the live operating BHS to an absolute minimum whilst getting the upgrading work done professionally, on time and with high quality. To meet these challenges JEC used the small window of time from 00:00 to 05:00, when all baggage has been delivered, to carry out the most critical tasks for hardware and software integration. JEC also provided creative solutions to allow site works during operating hours. With strong support from JEC’s maintenance workforce in HKIA, the JEC project team has delivered high quality work to meet the Airport Authority's needs in these complex projects.

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