JEC Project:
Ngau Tam Mei Animal Waste Composting Plant, Hong Kong

DeveloperEnvironmental Protection Department, HKSAR Government
JEC ScopeDesign, Build, and Operate
LocationHong Kong
Project Completion Date2008

Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) designed, built, and operates a pilot Animal Waste Composting Plant at Ngau Tam Mei for the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) in Hong Kong.

Plant Construction
The construction portion of the contract was to provide a new pilot animal waste composting plant at Ngau Tam Mei for treating horse manure. The plant was initially designed to compost approximately 20 tonnes of waste generated during the 2008 Hong Kong Equestrian Olympics through a natural organic process in which waste is decomposed by micro-organisms over time. The plant has an ongoing role to treat animal waste and produce organic fertilizer.

Key Facilities and Process
JEC designed and built four key facilities which carry out different stages of the composting process. First, a pre-treatment building receives the waste. Second, the waste undergoes a pre-treatment feedstock preparation in which unwanted non-organic waste is removed. Third, the waste is transferred to a rotary-in-vessel composter in which bio-degradation takes place. In-vessel composting allows a better control of moisture content and temperature during the treatment process. Last, the compost is transferred to bunkers for compost maturation.

Plant Operation
JEC has provided the plant operation since 2008. The plant provides organic fertilizer for local organic farms in Hong Kong.

The JEC project team’s innovative design and the operation team’s dependable services helped EPD with their goal to provide Hong Kong with an efficient means of treating animal waste to produce high quality organic fertiliser.

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