JEC Project:
Inflatable Dam Systems for Ngau Tam Mei, Yuen Long and San Tin, Hong Kong

DeveloperDrainage Services Department, HKSAR Government
JEC ScopeDesigning and Building of Inflatable Dam Systems
LocationHong Kong
Project Completion Date2001 (Ngau Tam Mei), 2004 (Yuen Long and San Tin)

JEC designed and constructed three Inflatable Dam Systems as a specialist contractor to the Drainage Services Department (DSD) at Ngau Tam Mei, Yuen Long, and San Tin in Hong Kong.

The contracts were to provide an innovative solution to isolate water. The inflatable dam systems are operated automatically. Air is injected to inflate the rubber body of the dams through an air blower. The dams then deflate through natural exhaust to the atmosphere at a preset water level. In Ngau Tam Mei, the system was applied to prevent polluted tidal water from passing from the downstream side to the upstream side of the drainage channel. In Yuen Long and San Tin, the systems were constructed for flood control during heavy rainfall.

The works for the first system commenced in Ngau Tam Mei in 1998 and were completed in 2001. Due to the system’s success two similar systems were installed in Yuen Long and San Tin, commencing in 2001 and completing in 2004. JEC’s practical solution for water isolation demonstrated the company’s technical proficiency in introducing cutting edge engineering solutions to its markets.

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