JEC Project:
Energy Efficient Radiant Floor Cooling System for the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Samutprakan, Thailand

DeveloperNew Samutprakan International Airport
JEC ScopeSupply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Radiant Floor Cooling System
Project Completion Date2006

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Samutprakan

JEC Thailand installed the world’s largest radiant floor cooling system for the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Samutprakan. The main scope of work was to supply, install, test and commission the radiant floor cooling system with the lowest energy loss possible. The system covers an area of 381,000 sq meters whilst maintaining the highest levels of efficiency.

Project Specifications

The project involved laying down 600km of Polyethylene cross-link pipes consisting of 7,500 radiant floor circuits with 1,510 sets of specially designed diffusers. JEC’s system reliably provides a steady, comfortable temperature of 24'C with 60% humidity.

The Radiant Cooling System

In conventional air conditioning systems cooled air at 12-15'C is blown into ambient air until the required temperature is met. This system is well suited to low ceiling rooms such as offices and apartments but consumes a very large amount of energy when applied to larger spaces. In contrast to this, JEC installed an innovative radiant floor cooling system in combining with displacement ventilation in which light warm air is displaced by heavier cool air at a height of 2-3 meters. As a result the air conditioned zone extends to about 2.5 m above floor level. Thus air at higher levels, which is unoccupied, does not need to be conditioned. This lowers energy consumption whilst preserving comfort.

Research and Development

To ensure optimum working efficiency JEC set up a radiant floor-cooling laboratory in which key design factors were researched to ensure the system would fit the precise conditions in the airport. There was no precedent for using radiant floor-cooling technology in such a large public facility and a number of key factors had to be fully understood before carrying out the project. The close attention paid to the preparation meant that the construction was carried out very efficiently with minimal installation time on site. The project is a showcase for JEC’s technical proficiency in providing world leading energy saving designs that meet our customers’ needs.

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