JEC Project:
CLP Power Shatin Centre Mechanical Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Maintenance, Hong Kong

DeveloperCLP Power Hong Kong Limited
JEC ScopeMechanical Ventilation and Air-Conditioning System and Maintenance Service
LocationHong Kong
Services Provided Since1998

Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) provides maintenance services for the mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning (MVAC) system at Shatin Centre, a CLP Power commercial and industrial complex.

Scope of Services

JEC provides preventive and emergency maintenance services for the Shatin Centre. The systems covered include: the central HVAC system, individual chiller units, packaged air-conditioner units, partial ice storage system, AHUs, FCUs, split-type air conditioners, window type air-conditioners, variable air volume boxes, dehumidifiers and fans.

Emergency Breakdown Response

JEC provides CLP Power with a 24 hours breakdown repair service for the whole year and under any weather condition.Upon receiving an emergency repair call out, JEC staff arrive on site within 30 minutes during the day and under two hours at night. For computer room responses it will take less than 30 minutes to respond.

Energy Efficient System

The Ice storage system uses iceas a storage media for thermal energy. The Ice storage system runs the buildings chillers. During the day the chillers cool the building, and at night, the chillers are used to create ice. The ice is then used to offset the cooling requirements for the chillers the following day.The ice storage system is cost effective, improves the efficiency of the HVAC system, reduces the buildings energy consumption and makes the building more environmentally friendly.

JEC provides the maintenance for the ice storage system, which involves checking the water/ice level in the tanks, inventory meter operation and setting, pipe flexible joint condition, and ice level detector function.

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