JEC Project:
Light Rail Civil, E&M Building Services

DeveloperKowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC)
JEC ScopeTo supply and install E&M building services facilities to newly built stops, rectifier stations and other service centers of Zones 4 & 5A of the Light Rail Train
LocationHong Kong
Project Completion Date2005

JEC supplied and installed a comprehensive range of E&M building services equipment for the newly built service facilities of the KCRC’s Light Rail Train (LRT) System. The installed system included fire service, environmental control, electrical service and plumbing & drainage service systems for three recitifier stations, a customer service centre, a clean room and eleven train stations.

Fire Service System

This consisted of three major parts:

  • Automatic Fire Alarm system: located in the rectifier stations and customer service centre, included smoke detectors, manual call points and visual fire alarm to fire alarm panels equipped with battery chargers and alarm bells.  
  • FM200 gas flooding system.
  • Hose reel system; with associated jockey, duty and standby pumps, was installed in the customer service centre and traffic office.

Environmental Control System

An Environmental Control System was installed in the telecom equipment room, battery room, switch gear room, lavatory and customer service centre. Ventilation fan completed with ductwork was provided in the rectifier stations. There was also an explosion proof fan in the battery room for each rectifier station. Ceiling mounted split units were provided in the customer service centre and a fresh air fan was installed and connected to the split units via supply air duct for the supply of fresh air.

Electrical System

This system consisted of a 380V 50Hz supply to low voltage system to each new rectifier station and stops of the LRT. One 1200A main low voltage (L. V.) Switchboard was equipped in each rectifier station with dual source, one from 800kVA auxiliary transformer and another was from specified stops via interlinking cables. Various ratings of voltage stabilizer were added to regulate the incoming source and maintain a steady and reliable supply to the outgoing circuit, i.e. lightings and power sockets at the platform and supplies to the signal control panels of the train system. JEC also supplied the extra-low voltage system, including CCTV, security system, induction loop system, Octopus system and PA & intercom system.

Plumbing & Drainage Service System

Plumbing & Drainage Service System contained three kinds of direct water supply systems. Direct potable water supply was provided to the water basin inside lavatory. Direct flushing water supply was provided for the flush water tank located at the roof of lavatory with down feed to the water closet while direct cleansing water supply was installed for the cleansing water tank located at the roof and down feed to water taps at building outside for general cleansing purpose.

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