JEC Project:
Casino Automated Secure Transport (CAST) System for the MGM Grand, Macau

DeveloperMGM Grand Macau
JEC ScopeCAST System Design and Installation
Project Completion Date2008

Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) installed a Casino Automated Secure Transport (CAST) system for handling cash, notes and personal cheques and documents between game tables, cashiers, and the vault in the MGM Macau. The pneumatic tube transport system consists of over 3200 meters of tubes, 70 stations and 50 diverters.

The system plant room is located in basement whereas the game tables, cashiers and VIP rooms are located on different floors. Small packages are transported throughout different areas of the casino through pneumatic tubes. This provides a rapid and secure means of delivering valuable items.

JEC designed a complicated routing system for the large number of stations, diverters, and tubes. Diverters were located with ease of maintenance in mind. Carriers inside the tubes travel smoothly through suction and pressure, with perfect clearance inside the tubes. JEC engineers used their professional know-how to create a solution that was tailored around the MGM Grand’s needs. The project demonstrated JEC’s technical proficiency in delivering a unique system.

Image A member of the Jardine Matheson Group