JEC Project:
Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for the Asia Aluminium Flat Rolled Factory at ZhaoQing, PRC

DeveloperAsia Aluminium Flat Rolled Factory
JEC ScopeInstallation of Aluminium Sheet Process Equipment and Associated Piping, Electrical and Control Wiring Installation
Project Completion Date2009

Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) supplied and installed E&M equipment for an Aluminium Factory in ZhaoQing city, Guangdong Province, PRC. The E&M equipment included casting furnaces, hot mills, cold mills and other auxiliary systems such as a finishing line, a coating line, a packing line, a maintenance shop and utilities. These installations help the plant to produce 400,000 tons of aluminium per day.



Project Management
JEC had a professional full time project management team stationed in ZhaoQing who carried out design coordination and site supervision. The team ensured that the aluminium sheet process equipment and associated piping, electrical and control wiring was installed correctly and to a high standard.

The Production Process:
(1) Casting
The casting furnaces comprise six 85 ton and three 55 ton melting furnaces, six holders and three casters. Raw materials are melted in furnaces, treated and then cast as ingots.

(2) Hot Milling
There are three pusher furnaces, a roughing mill and a finishing mill in the hot mill zone. The aluminum ingots are shifted to the pusher furnaces. The ingots are then softened at about 600ºC. The soft ingots are then pressed to 2mm aluminum sheets through the roughing mill and finishing mill. These sheets are stored as coils and taken to the cold mill zone.

(3) Cold Milling
The cold mill zone consists of a five-stand mill, a six-high cold mill, and a high bay store. The 2mm aluminum sheet coils are moved from the high bay store to one of the mills. After milling, the diameter of the sheets is further reduced to 0.2mm. These 0.2 mm coils are then taken to the final production lines which involve finishing, coating, and packing.

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