JEC Project:
Energy Saving LED Lighting Projects in Hong Kong

DeveloperSavills Guardian Group; Kerry Logistics; Hang Lung Properties; InterContinental Hotels
JEC ScopeSupply and Installation of LED Lighting Systems
LocationHong Kong
Project Completion Date2010

Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) supplies and installs energy saving lighting systems that radically reduce energy consumption.

Kwong Kin Trade Centre
In 2010 JEC supplied over 1000 T8 LED light tubes to the Kwong Kin Trade Centre to replace standard fluorescent tubes. The T8 LED tubes have a high light output, low energy consumption and long operational life. The tubes use up to 70% less electricity than standard fluorescent T8 tubes.

Kerry Logistics Wine Storage Warehouse
In 2009 JEC supplied LED T8 light tubes to the Kerry Logistics Wine Storage Warehouse. Traditional fluorescent tubes with electronic ballasts consume 36 watts. The new tubes consume 15 watts, an energy saving of 58%. The LED tubes last over four times longer than fluorescent tubes and the new LED light tubes also produce less heat than the original tubes which is important as wine must be kept at a constant room temperature of 16-18oC.

Hollywood Plaza, Mongkok
In 2010 JEC replaced 60 watt incandescent light bulbs with 7 watt LED light bulbs for Hang Lung Properties at the Hollywood Plaza. This provided an energy saving of over 80% and increased the lifespan of the lighting system. The average life of an incandescent lamp is only 2,000 hours, compared with 30,000 hours for a LED light bulb

InterContinental Grand Stanford
In 2010 JEC replaced 35 watt halogen lamps with 5 watt LED spotlights in hotel room door entrances for the InterContinental Grand Stanford. The new lamps use over 85% less electricity. For 24 hour operation, the payback period was less than one year.

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