JEC Project:
Beijing South Railway Station Gas Generators

DeveloperMinistry of Railways of the PRC
JEC ScopeSupply gas generators to the Beijing South Railway Station
Project Completion Date2010

In 2010, JEC installed two sets of 1570 kW gas generators to meet the electricity needs of the Beijing South Railway Station.

The Beijing South Railway Station

The Beijing South Railway Station is one of the largest railway stations in China. It connects railways, underground rail systems and highways, thus acting as a major transportation hub in Beijing. The railway station has three major parts: the terminal station, office towers and the power station.

Power System Solution

Two 1570kW, 380V gas generators, are used to support the daily energy consumption of the railway station. The generated voltage is then stepped up to 10 kV and connected to the national grid. During peak hours, if the power output is not enough to fulfill demand, the railway station can source extra electricity from the national grid.

Combined Heat and Power

The waste heat from the exhaust gas and the jacket water coming from the generators is recovered to generate heating and cooling for the railway station.

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