JEC Project:
Kandhkot Gas Compression Station, Gas Genset System, Pakistan

DeveloperPakistan Petroleum Ltd / China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation
JEC ScopeInstallation of a gas genset system
Project Completion Date2009

JEC supplied and installed a genset power system for Kandhkot Gas Compression Station in the Sindh Province of Pakistan.

The Gas Genset System

To meet the power consumption of the compression station, the system consists of three 1600kW gas gensets, one 500kW diesel genset and a DMC300 genset master control system. There is also an associated cooling system consisting of a cooling tower and heat exchangers. All of these provide a reliable standby and emergency power source for the station.

Environmental Protection

The gas generator runs on a lean mixture of fuel and air. This design significantly reduces the production of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and increases fuel efficiency by up to 40%. In fact, the NOx emission is reduced to 0.7 grams per brake horsepower per hour, which meets the

most stringent air quality standards. Furthermore, this particular type of gas generator is capable of running on gases of various grades, ranging from the pipeline’s natural gas supply to field gas or even biogas.

JEC successfully delivered the high performance gas genset system on time and to specification despite the challenging operating environment.

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