JEC Project:
Kennedy Town Swimming Pool Water Treatment Plant, Hong Kong

DeveloperMTR Corporation Limited
JEC ScopeSupply and Installation of Swimming Pool Water Treatment plant
LocationHong Kong
Project Completion Date2011

Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) supplied and installed the water treatment plant for the Kennedy Town Swimming Pool, Hong Kong. JEC completed the project right from the technical and specialist advisory stage with the client, MTR Corporation Limited, to the installation and testing of the plant; providing a comprehensive solution that was delivered on time and to specification.

Scope of work
The design, supply and installation works of the swimming pool water treatment plant included the
following systems:
• Circulation system
• Filtration system
• Ozone Generation and Disinfection system
• Electro-chlorination system
• Chemical control and dosing system
• UV Disinfection system
• Computer Assisted Centralized Control system
• Water play equipment system

Project challenge
Ozone gas is a very effective disinfection media, however it is a toxic chemical and therefore it is
critically important to ensure the correct control of the dosing rate and the successfully break down of the Ozone before it is emitted into the pool.

JEC successfully achieved this task by providing a specialist team of engineers to conduct a full
analysis report, to tailor the most appropriated chemical control programme with all of the
associated equipment settings to suit the Kennedy Town Swimming Pool’s particular chemical
conditions while taking into account variations from day to night, and winter to summer.

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