JEC Project:
Big C Supercenter, Chonburi, Electrical and Mechanical Installation, Thailand

DeveloperBig C Supercenter Co., Ltd.
JEC ScopeSupply, install, commissioning and test run of electrical & mechanical system
Project Completion Date2007

Big C Supercenter, Chonburi
JEC Thailand supplied, installed, commissioned the key E&M systems for the Big C supercentre in Chonburi which covers an area of 40,000 square meters. The scope of work included the supply, installation, commissioning and testing of the air-conditioning and ventilation, electrical and communication, and sanitary and fire protection systems.

Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems
JEC installed three water cooled chillers, two of which have a capacity of 450 tons and the third has
a capacity of 300 tons. The chillers provide chilled water to an area of 25,000 square meters. The kitchen
exhaust system installed by JEC has a capacity of 60,000 KFM.

A high voltage electrical system was installed to support the two sets of oil type transformers that have a combined total capacity of 2,000 KVA. To prevent an overload in the system a power distribution system was installed. Additionally a backup generator was also installed with a capacity of 800 KVA.

Building Systems
JEC installed an energy management system that controls and monitors the buildings systems, including the fire alarm, security management, MATV, CCTV and public address systems. The security management system involves a door locking device that can be set to lock on a predetermined schedule, and set to issue an alarm if activated outside of these times.

Sanitary and Fire Protection System
A sedimentation waste water treatment system was installed to support waste water processing to
a capacity of approximately 320 m3 per day. The fire pump installed for the fire protection system
provides the fire hose with water at 1,500 GPM.

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