JEC Project:
PTT Polymer Platform Fire and E&M Systems, Thailand

DeveloperPTT Polymer Logistic Co., Ltd
JEC ScopeSupply, install, commissioning and test run of electrical & mechanical system
Project Completion Date2009

PTT Polymer Platform
JEC Thailand supplied, installed, and commissioned the air-conditioning & ventilation, electrical & communication, sanitary and fire protection systems at the PTT Polymer Platform facility, Bangkok. This site covers an area of 97,020 sqm, and stores a large quantity of highly flammable plastic resin.

Fire Protection System
As a result of the highly flammable plastic resin being stored at the facility, it was critical for JEC to design and install a comprehensive fire protection system. Due to the importance of the sprinkler heads in the building storing the plastic resin, a special type of sprinkler the K-25, was
selected and installed due to its higher water capacity and spray coverage. The project includes the use of 10,780 of these specialist K-25 sprinkler heads. Two types of pumps were installed to optimally pump water throughout fire protection system:

• Diesel engine fire pump: 2,500 GPM, 160 psi
• Jockey pump: 56 GPM, 175 psi

Additionally a specialist fire alarm system has been installed to rapidly detect fires that occur in the building, setting off the fire alarm and triggering the automatic closure of the inflammable fire doors.

Plumbing System and Air-conditioning System
For the plumbing system JEC installed a set of cold water pumps. A split type air-conditioning system has been installed by JEC in the control room and office building.

Electrical System
Electricity from PTT-UT 22 KV provides a stable and sufficient power to the two 1,500 KVA dry
transformers, and another transformer that has 1,250KVA to support the 4.250 KVA system in the
main distribution board (MDB). The MDB equally distributes the electricity to prevent damages from overloading.

CCTV System
The CCTV system has been designed and installed to monitor the car park area, as a result security visibility has greatly improved in the facility.

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