JEC Project:
Chula Block L, Electrical & Mechanical System, Thailand

DeveloperChulalongkorn University
JEC ScopeSupply, install, commissioning and test run of the electrical & mechanical system
Project Completion Date2010

Chulalongkorn University
JEC Thailand supplied, installed, and commissioned the E&M systems for Chula Block L, Chulalongkorn University, which included their air-conditioning & ventilation, water supply & fire protection, and electrical & communication systems.

The building is twelve stories tall covering a total area of 51,861m2, with the first five floors serving as a state-of-the-art tutorial centre, and the remaining floors are used as car parks.

Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems
For the ventilation and air-conditioning systems JEC has installed three sets of 325 ton chillers with a cooling capacity to serve 134 sets of FCUs and AHUs. On the third and fourth floors, 14 sets of VRV modules and 90 sets of FCUs have a combined cooling capacity of 555 tons. The retail shops have a ventilation system which has eight sets of KEF and KFF, and pressurised fans in the emergency fire stair wells to prevent smoke entering.

Water Supply and Fire Protection System
For the water supply, JEC installed a high water tank and pump to distribute water around the building. JEC installed a wet pipe system, fire hoses, vertical pipes automatic sprinkler system, and fire hydrants for the building’s fire protection system.

Electrical and Communication System
JEC installed the following electrical systems: SF-6 Load Break Switch Gear, two dry-type transformers with a total capacity of 2,000/2800 KVA, a reserve generator with a capacity of 650 KVA, main distribution system (MDB) consisting of three MDB1, MDB2 and EMDB as a backup, two-wire lighting system, and UPS. JEC also installed the communication and security systems which involved the public address, MATV, CCTV, access control, telephone, and PABX systems. Additionally JEC installed the safety systems which involves the fire alarm, and building automation systems (BAS).

LED Lighting System
The LED lighting system installed by JEC on the third and fourth floors are controlled by a computer system that enables the LED lights to perform various light displays depending on the programme set. Furthermore, a computer programmed moving head lighting system has been installed outside the building to show a variety of abstract views of the building at night.

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