JEC Project:
Riverside Garden Marina Electrical and Mechanical Installation, Thailand

DeveloperRiverside Garden Marina Co.,Ltd.
JEC ScopeSupply, install, test and commissioning of air-conditioning & ventilation system, sanitary and fire protection systems
Project Completion Date2007

Riverside Garden Marina Project consists of two residential buildings, one service apartment building and one condominium residential building. The project is located on the Chaophya river bank, each of the development’s buildings are 40 stories tall with a total utility area of 89,000m2, including a swimming pool and garden zone per building, and accompanying retail and parking zones.

JEC Thailand supplied, and installed a range of the development’s key E&M systems that included: air-conditioning & ventilation system, sanitary system, swimming pool system, waste water treatment, and fire protection system.

Air-conditioning & Ventilation system:
Split type air-conditioners were installed in each of the guest rooms from the 7th to 36th floor, which have a cooling capacity of 9,000 to 240,000 BTU. Air handling units were also provided for the lobby and ground floors.

In addition, the kitchen and toilet exhausts were installed for each unit, while pressurised fans were provided for the fire stairwells in each building.

Sanitary System:
Potable water system consists of an underground tank located in the basement from which water is fed to a roof tank using in-line pumps, from the roof the water is fed down into individual outlets throughout the building. The hot water systems consist of 480 instantaneous heaters with a capacity of 6-12 kW in the condominium buildings, while the service apartment building has 260 hot water tanks with a capacity of 2.2kW.

Swimming Pool system:
Each building has a swimming pool area located on level 6. The swimming pools in the development use an over flow system, which allow excess water to be stored in a surge tank before it is recycled back through a Diatomaceous Earth Filter (DE Filter). The DE filter is made from dry corals.

Wastewater Treatment system:
The activated sludge system is located on the first floor at the side of each building; waste water from each building will be processed and treated by the system before being released to the main public sewer.

Fire Protection System:
A wet pipe system has been installed, which includes four sets of diesel fire pumps and jockey pipes, and a comprehensive system of 4,000 automatic sprinkler heads that covers the whole development. Fire hydrants were also installed near the fireman’s lift on each floor.

FM200 automatic protection was installed in the control room and generator rooms. The system uses a cleaning agent to avoid any damage to electric equipment in the event of a fire.


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