JEC Project:
Chaophya Hospital Renovation, Electrical & Mechanical Systems Installation, Thailand

DeveloperChaophya Hospital
JEC ScopeDesign, supply and installation of electrical, air-conditioning and fire protection systems
Project Completion Date2010

JEC Thailand designed, supplied, and installed a range of core E&M systems for the renovation of Chaophya Hospital, which included electrical, air-conditioning and fire protection systems. The renovation project covered an area of approximately 2,600 sq m that will modernize the hospital's facilities by offering state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care services to patients.

Electrical systems:
High Voltage System: the hospital’s existing 2,000 kVA oil transformer in the main distribution board room was fully overhauled. Low Voltage System: the main distribution board was designed to distribute the electrical power to each area of the hospital separately to prevent damage from
overloading. The power transmission system of the existing 350 kVA emergency generator was modified to be compatible with the new emergency distribution board in the expanded area.

Communication, Fire Protection and Security System Upgrades:

JEC made a range of improvements to these systems that included designing and installing:

  • A new 128 line PABX telephone system and integrated it into the hospital’s existing system
  • A new Local Area Network for their computer systems between the old and new buildings of the hospital
  • A new public address system to manage all announcements from the hospital to the customers and staffs
  • A new CCTV system covering all areas of the building
  • Supplying a new Fire Alarm system using the Per signal system and Non-Coded Close Pop System according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards
  • Air-Conditioning and Clean Room Air Filter Systems:
  • A new 200 TR electric chiller was installed alongside two 480 GPM chilled water pumps with 170 ft. H2O. As part of the cooled air distribution system, sixty Fan
  • Coiled Units and seventeen Air Handling Units (AHUs) were installed to deliver cool air to the examination rooms of each department.
  • JEC also upgraded an operation room to a clean room that is fit for surgery operations. The existing airconditioning system was replaced by seven new AHUs with high efficiency air filtration systems that comply with ISO 8-8.7. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters with 99.97% efficiency were also installed at the air intake points to filter out and prevent dust coming into the room.

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