Air-conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation

Equipment includes cooling towers and condensers, as well as Trane's world-renowned energy efficient chillers under a relationship established for more than 25 years.
Product Descriptions
Product NameActivated Carbon Description

Activated carbon system is able to remove taste or odour causing organic compounds, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), trihalomethane (THM) and other halocarbons from process water and vapour streams.

Brand NameCalgon ManufacturerCalgon Carbon Corporation Country of OriginUSA Application

Odour control, water purification, wastewater treatment.
Product NameAir Purifier Description

The SPi device generates hydroperoxy radical which eliminate biological contaminants and active oxygen. SPi improves the air quality and the process of eliminating the harmful substances is completely harmless to human body.

Brand NameS-Plasma ion (SPi) ManufacturerSamsung Country of OriginKorea Application

School, office lift, hospital, restaurant, hotel, museum, airport, aquarium.
Product NameGully Odour Control Module Description

Unique systems purposely designed to remove unpleasant smells from gully trap whilst allowing the passage of surface water. It requires no chemicals or electricity. Once installed, it is completely hidden from view. 

Brand NameSweetDitch ManufacturerJEC Country of OriginHK Application

Gully Trap

Product NameHVAC PHI Cell Air Purifier Description

The HVAC PHI Cell by RGF is designed to eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odours, air pollutants, VOCs, smoke, mould, viruses, and bacteria.

Brand NameRGF ManufacturerRGF Environmental Group Country of OriginUSA Application

The HVAC PHI Cells are easily mounted into air-conditioning and heating system air ducts where many sick building problems start.
Product NameManhole Odour Control Module Description

SweetStreet is an odour control product meant exclusively for use in sewer manholes. The unique design allows it to fit within the manhole itself and completely out of sight once the manhole cover is replaced.

Brand NameSweetStreet ManufacturerCalgon Carbon Corporation Country of OriginUSA Application

Manhole, Grease-trap manhole, vent stack.
Product NameOdour Neutraliser Description

Escensorb incorporates complex blends of activated fragrances & essential oils extracted from plants, leaves, trees, flowers, fruits and other natural ingredients, presenting the unique ability to neutralise odours and gas emissions. The formulations are pH neutral, non-hazardous and biodegradable. It is not a masking agent and can remove the odour at source.

Brand NameEscensorb ManufacturerCrosstek Pte Ltd Country of OriginSingapore Application

Refuse room, grease-trap room, wastewater treatment plant.
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