05 Sep 2019

JEC Awarded Organic Resources Recovery Centre Phase 2 (O·PARK2) Project

JEC with its joint venture partners was recently awarded the contract from Environmental Protection Department to design, build and operate the Organic Resources Recovery Centre Phase 2 (O·PARK2).

O·PARK2 will locate at Sha Ling in North District and will be able to treat 300 tonnes of food waste daily and produce biogas. In addition to providing electricity and heat for the facilities in O·PARK2, the surplus biogas will be used for production of town gas or electricity to be fed into the power grids of the power companies. Furthermore, O·PARK2 will produce about 10,000 tonnes of compost annually, of which some will be reserved for use by government departments, farmers and members of the public for free.

With the commissioning of O·PARK2 in 2022, the decrease in use of fossil fuels for electricity generation together with the reduced amount of organic waste being sent to landfills will prevent the emission of some 67,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases, and reduce the amount of food waste to be disposed of at landfills by about 110,000 tonnes annually.

Image A member of the Jardine Matheson Group