Image Careers Development

JEC has fostered strong relationships with local tertiary institutions, through which we nurture and recruit students, particularly engineering graduates. We are also one of the major employers of students completing apprenticeship training through the Vocational Training Council (VTC).

Career Talks and Internships

By conducting career talks at university campuses throughout the year, we enable students to learn and have a good understanding about working at JEC.

We also offer internships, providing opportunities for a selected number of outstanding students to understand our businesses through hands-on experience. Interns receive on-the-job training, feedback and mentoring.

Undergraduate Co-operative Education Programme

We have launched a partnering scheme with local universities and institutions, to offer selected final year engineering students a chance to work in a real life engineering company for five to six months. The students could be offered a position in JEC upon completing their studies.

Partnership with Vocational Training Council

For more than 25 years, JEC has been partnering with the VTC, to equip young people who are interested in technical subjects with theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

We are one of the major employers supporting the VTC’s Craft Apprenticeship Training Scheme. Students interested in electrical and mechanical, and building services join JEC as apprentices, to receive structured on-the-job training. We also arrange technical training courses for them.

We offer scholarships to outstanding apprentices, and sponsor the Outstanding Apprentice of the Year, organised by the VTC.

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